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What is Lokki?

Lokki is an open source Android application for location sharing. Use it for staying in touch with kids and elderly people, sharing important moments with friends, and for easily discovering friends in different locations for meetups.

The application uses the GPS sensors of your mobile device to locate you, and with the help of Google Maps, it can identify the locations of contacts that also have the app installed.


Lokki is a location sharing application for Android that can be used for many purposes


Make sure children get to destination safely.

Track Me

Track and share location automatically.

Social connect

Letting your friends know where you are.


Alert!! When you reach the designated places.


Lokki is Open Source. The code is available on GitHub and anyone can freely contribute to and share it. Open Source projects thrive on community contributions, so do pitch in and help make the app better!

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Lokki is free. New Features are being added continously.

Download it here !

For Users of Lokki

If you're an alpha user, you can delete your Lokki account and all of its data by going here. This feature is coming soon to all users.